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About NCF

NCF is an independent foundation under the umbrella of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Day-to-day business of NCF is the granting process for access to the publicly funded computing resources in Netherlands' Research grid.

NCF has a five member board, with representatives from university boards, scientists and industry. A scientific committee evaluates grants applications. The NCF office desks are located in The Hague at the Research Council's offices (NWO).

Furthermore NCF conducts the following activities:

  • formulate and get supported a long term policy for advanced computing infrastructure in The Netherlands, in European context;
  • keep and maintain a database on European national policies in HPC and grids, HPC-resources (computing systems); one paper compilation per year (Academic Supercomputing in Europe);
  • keep and maintain a database on commercially available supercomputers; issue one paper compilation per year (Overview of Recent Supercomputers);
  • keep and maintain the e-IRGSP knowledge base (knowledgebase.e-irg.eu);
  • Assessment of scientific computing requirements, issuing Request for Proposals, process procurements, pro-active benchmarking of systems.

More information can be obtained from NCF's website.





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