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About SARA

SARA Computing and Networking Services is an advanced ICT service center that supplies a complete package of high performance computing & visualization, high performance networking and infrastructure services.

Since 1985, SARA is responsible for housing of the national supercomputer service. Under the authority of the Netherlands National Computing Facilities Foundation (NCF), SARA's High Performance Computing Department will manage the National Supercomputer HUYGENS.

SARA's High Performance Computing department focuses on making high performance computational environments accessible and usable to the scientific community, government and industry.

High Performance Computing is the technology that is used to solve scientific problems that are very compute-intensive and/or require processing of huge amounts of data rapidly. SARA has practical experience in the fields of optimization and parallelization of computer programs, the use of Grid technology, Storage Area Network technology and building Linux clusters.

SARA product portfolio consists of:

  • High Performance Computing & Visualization: facilities and services in supercomputing, data storage, visualization and virtual reality
  • High Performance Networking: design, installation and management of advanced Wide Area Networks
  • ICT Services: housing and management for third parties of critical infrastructures, systems, applications and connectivity
  • SARA is an independent organization with offices in Amsterdam and Almere, and collaborations with many partners. SARA has unique expertise and provides state-of-the-art solutions in respect of consultancy, facilities and management. Among SARA's customers are scientific, educational and government institutions, and businesses.

    The most eye-catching activities and facilities at SARA are the National Supercomputer, the National Compute Cluster, the academic high-bandwidth network SURFnet, the optical exchange point NetherLight which connects most National Research and Education Networks (NRENs), and the Virtual Reality facility, the CAVE™. SARA is one of the locations of the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), one of the largest Internet exchanges in the world.

    An important addition to the available facilities is SARA's thorough expertise and the resulting consultancy and support activities.


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